George Washington Suite
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George Washington Suite (Full Score)
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George Washington Suite - Concert Band
Item number 8896899JE
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This suite is derived from three pieces that are authentic to the days of George and Martha Washington. The first movement, "Washington's Grand March" is based on music believed to have been written by Francis Hopkinson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The second movement, "Fancy Menuit" refers to a dance form in 3/4 meter, popular in the 18th century. The final movement is taken from a British melody called the "Brandywine Quickstep", referring to the military engagement that gave this march its name.

Technical Notes: The keyboard percussion is labeled "Mallet Percussion" and is for bells. The timpani part is for two timpani, pitched in B Flat and in E Flat. The 1st percussion part is for snare drum and bass drum. The 2nd percussion part is for triangle and crash cymbals.

Note to the conductor: Moderate tempos and classical interpretation are generally appropriate throughout this suite. Substitute a flute for the piccolo solo in the 3rd movement if necessary. Since measure 37 and 49 are meant to evoke the sound of a "fife and drum" group, you may wish to have more than one piccolo player perform this part as a solo. The sound of multiple piccolos may not be one that you would normally encourage in a Grade 2 band, but this spot could be an exception. If you have more than one piccolo player, a little experimentation in the 3rd movement may be worthwhile.

The suggested metronome indications are merely that - suggested. The arranger feels that the 3rd movement should not exceed the mm=112 tempo, but could work very well at a rather slower tempo if it is more appropriate to your group. Be sure the Minuet isn't played too fast, as that would surely be out of character. Minuets used for symphonic purposes, such as in Beethoven's symphonies, may use a faster tempo and become rather boisterous. These are not characteristics of a true "dance" minuet. You may do well to think more of the Baroque era when interpreting this movement.

Estimated Performance Time: 3:14

Composed By: "George Washington Suite" was composed by Mike Hannickel.

Published By: "George Washington Suite" was published by Curnow Music Press.

Series: This piece is part of the series "Curnow National Heritage Series".

1-Full Score
6-1st B Flat Clarinet
6-2nd B Flat Clarinet
1-E Flat Alto Clarinet
2-B Flat Bass Clarinet
4-E Flat Alto Saxophone
2-B Flat Tenor Saxophone
1-E Flat Baritone Saxophone
4-1st B Flat Trumpet
4-2nd B Flat Trumpet
4-French Horn
3-1st Trombone
3-2nd Trombone
2-Euphonium T.C.
2-Euphonium B.C.
1-Convertible Bass Line
1-Keyboard Percussion
2-1st Percussion
1-2nd Percussion
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   Difficulty 2 on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being the hardest.
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