Chorale And Canon

Chorale And Canon (Full Score)
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Chorale And Canon - Concert Band
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The opening chorale section of this very appealling beginning band piece introduces the theme that is then used in the canon that follows. Skillfully designed to pass the melody to every section, this is a very rewarding piece for beginning groups. Order "Chorale And Canon" for your young band today!

Technical Notes: The Chorale states the melody of the following Canon and should be played legato, with a well supported tone. Strive for four-bar divisions of the phrase. The alto sax, horn and tenor sax should breathe after the dotted half note in measure 4.

A canon is the strictest kind of imitation. All parts have the same melody throughout, but start at different points in time. This canon begins with unison trumpets and alto sax, with the low brass and woodwinds repeating the same melody one measure later and one octave lower. At measure 25, the flutes and oboe begin an inversion of the original canon and the unison clarinets, horn, and tenor sax repeat the same melody one measure later and one octave lower. At measures 33 and 41 this procedure is reversed, with the lower octave(s) entering first, followed by the upper octave(s). This provides everyone with the opportunity of both beginning the canon and listening to others follow, and vice versa.

At measure 49, the trumpets again begin the canon, but the bass instruments begin after only two beats, and the upper woodwinds begin after four beats. Thus the canon now has three voices simultaneously. With the pickups to measure 57, the canon first heard at measure 25 is also repeated after two beats.

The Canon ends with a fully harmonized recapitulation of the Chorale in the Moderato (quarter = 108) tempo. Since the note values are elongated in measure 63, do not begin the ritardando until measure 64, as indicated.

The low F in the clarinet melody in the Canon is a step below the normal clarinet range for this series. However, most beginning clarinet players will have learned this note in book one of their method methods. Streching the right hand little finger while maintaining proper hand position is the key to playing this low F.

The low A Flat in the bass line is also one step below the normal range for this series. This note will be familiar to players just beyond the beginning stages and should present no difficulties since it is always approached stepwise.

Estimated Performance Time: 3:00

Composed By: "Chorale And Canon" was composed by Anne McGinty.

Published By: "Chorale And Canon" was published by Hal Leonard Corporation.

Series: This piece is part of the series "Hal Leonard Discovery Band Series".

1-Full Score
6-1st B Flat Clarinet
6-2nd B Flat Clarinet
1-B Flat Bass Clarinet
4-E Flat Alto Saxophone
3-B Flat Tenor Saxophone
1-E Flat Baritone Saxophone
4-1st B Flat Cornet
4-2nd B Flat Cornet
4-French Horn
7-Trombone/Baritone B.C./Bassoon
3-Baritone T.C.
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   Difficulty 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being the hardest.
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