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Johann Pachelbel
David Pack
Jimmy Page
Martin Page
Steven Page
David Paich
Wally Palamarchuk
Morty Palitz
Jack Palmer
Ray Palmer
Robert Palmer
James Pankow
Marty Panzer
Frank Paparelli
Felix Pappalardi
Twila Paris
Mitchell Parish
Andy Park
Linkin Park
Herman Parker Jr.
Herman Parker, Jr.
Ray Parker Jr.
Ray Parker, Jr.
Charlie Parker
Dorothy Parker
Jack Parker
John Lewis Parker
Sol Parker
Larry Parks
Paul Parnes
Fred Parris
Mitchell Parrish
Alan Parsons
Geoffrey Parsons 
Dolly Parton
Joe Pass
Leon Patillo
Charles Patrick
Richard Patrick
Lover Patterson
Clarence Paul
Gene De Paul
Lowman Pauling
Gary Paxton
Tom Paxton
Doris Payne
John Howard Payne
Charlie Peacock
Trevor Peacock
Neil Peart
Shelly Peiken
George Pendergast
Little Richard Penniman
Buddy Pepper
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Karl Perazzo
Hugo Peretti
Carl Lee Perkins
Frank Perkins
Freddie Perren
Frederick Perren
Edward Perronet
Joe Perry
Steve Perry
Jim Peterik
Gary Peterson
Bernice Petkere
Jack Pettis 
Norman Petty
Tom Petty
Dave Peyton
don Pfrimmer
Charles Phillips
John Phillips
Michelle Phillips
Sam Phillips
Edith Piaf
Wilson Pickett, Jr.
Wilson Pickett
Vito Picone
James Pierpont
Catherine Pierson
Maceo Pinkard
Dean Pitchford
Gene Pitney
Robert Plant
Jacques Plante
Walt Disney's "Pocahontas"
Lee Pockriss
Eddie Pola
Lew Pollack
Adelaide Pollard
Channing Pollock
Steve Poltz
Doc Pomus
Vini Poncia
Frank Pooler
Jay Popoff
Jeremy Popoff
Andre Popp 
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