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Frederick William Faber
Frederick Williams Faber
Donald Fagen
Sammy Fain
Percy Faith
Chris Falson
Harold Faltermeyer
Frank Farian
Ann Farina
John Farina
Santo Farina
Eleanor Farjeon
John Farrar
Bob Farrell
Osvaldo Farres
Fred Fassert
Gabriel Faure
John Fawcett
Carl Feaster
Claude Feaster
Leonard Feather
William Featherstone
Michael Feinstein
Dino Fekaris
Everett Dean Felber
Don Felder
Jack Feldman
Jose Feliciano
Bob Ferguson
Djalma Ferreira
Mike Ferro
Ted Fetter
Buddy Feyne
Dorothy Field 
Paul Field
Arthur Fields
Dorothy Fields
Irving Fields
Richard Finch
Ted Fiorito
Carl Fischer
Bruce Fisher
Dan Fisher
Doris Fisher
Fred Fisher
Mark Fisher
Marvin Fisher
Roger Fisher
Bob Fitts
Ella Fitzgerald
Johnny Flamingo
Harold Flender
Lucy Fletcher
Danny Flower
Danny Flowers
Dan Fogelberg
John Fogerty
Dan Foliart
Keith Follese
Billy James Foote
Vincent Ford
Jonathan Foreman
Chet Forrest
George Forrest
Jimmy Forrest
Keith Forsey
Harry Emerson Fosdick
David Foster 
Frank Foster
Fred Foster
Michael Foster
Rick Founds
Charles Fox
Peter Frampton
Claude Francois
Aretha Franklin
Dave Franklin
Michael Franks
Chris Frantz
Andy Fraser
Dallas Frazier
Alan Freed
Arthur Freed
Ralph Freed
Max Freedman
Bobby Freeman
Russ Freeman
Glenn Frey
Jud Friedman
Leo Friedman
Ruthann Friedman
Cliff Friend
Rudolf Friml
Dave Frishberg
Lefty Frizzell
Mitchell Froom
Steve Fry
Julius Fucik
Dolores Fuller
Jerry Fuller 
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