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Music History/Music Theory
   All About Music Theory: A Fun And Simple Guide To Understanding Music
Item Number: 1710868JE, 216 pages, $21.95
The Amazing Chord Gizmo Instant Chord Finder
Item Number: 2630786JE, $8.95
The Amazing Scale Gizmo Instant Scale Finder
Item Number: 2630787JE, $8.95
The Amazing Transpo Gizmo Instant Key Finder
Item Number: 2630785JE, $8.95
   Arranging For Large Jazz Ensemble
Item Number: 1630220JE, 204 pages, $43.95
 Basics In Rhythm
Multiple Items Available
The Beatles Anthology
Item Number: 1630210JE, 367 pages, $40.95
Arnie Berle - Encyclopedia Of Scales, Modes And Melodic Patterns
Item Number: 1637252JE, 96 pages, $19.95
Breandan Breathnach - Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland
Item Number: 1637294JE, 152 pages, $16.95
 A Catalog Of Folk Song Settings For Wind Band
Item Number: 1630280JE, 180 pages, $27.95
CD And DVD Recording For Dummies
Item Number: 1630263JE, 333 pages
Regular Price: $24.95, Our Price: $12.48
You will save $12.47
 A Century Of Pop Music
Item Number: 1630093JE, 242 pages
Regular Price: $38.95, Our Price: $19.48
You will save $19.47
The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool For All Musicians
Item Number: 2630130JE, $16.95
 A Composer's Insight
Item Number: 1630222JE, 164 pages, $32.95
Conducting With Feeling
Item Number: 1630323JE, 102 pages, $21.95
 Connecting Jazz Theory
Item Number: 1700942JE, 163 pages, $32.95
Contemporary Eartraining - Level One
Item Number: 1630098JE, 222 pages, $27.95
 Contemporary Eartraining - Level Two
Item Number: 1630104JE, 154 pages, $25.95
 Contemporary Music Theory - Level One
Item Number: 1630036JE, 296 pages, $29.95
 Contemporary Music Theory - Level Two
Item Number: 1630037JE, 370 pages, $32.95
 Contemporary Music Theory - Level Three
Item Number: 1630145JE, 380 pages, $32.95
Helen Cooper - The Basic Guide To How To Read Music
Item Number: 1706109JE, 80 pages, $12.95
Helen Cooper - The Basic Guide To How To Read Music
Item Number: 1707365JE, 80 pages, $21.95
 The Music Of Miles Davis
Item Number: 1630305JE, 316 pages, $32.95
Duck's Deluxe Chord Wheel/Guitar Prescription
Item Number: 1637250JE, 2 pages
Regular Price: $7.95, Our Price: $3.98
You will save 50%
 Ear Training For The Contemporary Musician
Item Number: 1630320JE, 120 pages, $27.95
Essentials Of Elementary Music Theory
Item Number: 1630009JE, 48 pages, $4.95
Expression In Music
Item Number: 1630008JE, 57 pages, $5.95
Al "Corky" Fabrizio - A Guide To The Understanding And Correction Of Intonation Problems
Item Number: 1630378JE, 30 pages, $14.95
Eileen Fraedrich - The Art Of Elementary Band Directing
Item Number: 1630321JE, 105 pages, $21.95
Robert Garofalo - Improving Intonation In Band And Orchestra Performance
Item Number: 1630322JE, 87 pages, $27.95
The Gig Bag Book Of Theory & Harmony
Item Number: 1637296JE, 157 pages, $16.95
DownBeat: The Great Jazz Interviews, A 75th Anniversary Anthology
Item Number: 1711199JE, 340 pages, $35.95
The Great Movie Musical Trivia Book
Item Number: 1630107JE, 225 pages
Regular Price: $18.95, Our Price: $9.48
You will save $9.47
Great Music For Wind Band - A Guide To The Top 100 Works In Grades IV, V, VI
Item Number: 1020021JE, 193 pages, $27.95
Handbook For American Musicians Overseas
Item Number: 1630273JE, 224 pages
Regular Price: $27.95, Our Price: $13.98
You will save $13.97
 David Harp - Music Theory Made Easy, Deluxe
Item Number: 1637089JE, 80 pages, $16.95
 The Wind Band Masterworks Of Holst, Vaughan Williams, & Grainger
Item Number: 1630318JE, 139 pages, $27.95
Joseph H. Howard - Drums In The Americas: The History And Development Of Drums In The New World From The Pre-Columbian Era To Modern Times
Item Number: 1637095JE, 319 pages, $54.95
Inside The Music
Item Number: 1630057JE, 121 pages, $16.95
Jazz Essentials
Item Number: 1700600JE, 90 pages, $14.95
   Jazz Theory Resources - Volume One
Item Number: 1630149JE, 301 pages
Regular Price: $43.95, Our Price: $21.98
You will save $21.97
 Jazz Theory Resources - Volume Two
Item Number: 1630148JE, 191 pages, $32.95
Carol Kimball - Song: A Guide To Art Song Style And Literature, Revised Edition
Item Number: 1850217JE, 585 pages, $32.95
Kenneth Laudermilch - An Understandable Approach To Musical Expression
Item Number: 1630379JE, 34 pages, $14.95
Live Sound For The Performing Musician
Item Number: 1630254JE, 287 pages
Regular Price: $21.95, Our Price: $10.98
You will save $10.97
Majoring In Music - All The Stuff You Need To Know
Item Number: 1637321JE, 87 pages
Regular Price: $16.95, Our Price: $8.48
You will save $8.47
 Melody In Songwriting
Item Number: 1630103JE, 180 pages, $27.95
 Carol Montparker - The Blue Piano And Other Stories
Item Number: 1630289JE, 253 pages
Regular Price: $27.95, Our Price: $13.98
You will save $13.97
Music Theory
Item Number: 1637301JE, 133 pages, $8.95
Music Theory 101
Item Number: 1630228JE, 79 pages, $8.95
Music Theory Made Easy
Item Number: 1630400JE, 80 pages, $7.95
Musical Quizzical
Item Number: 2800002JE, 91 pages, $6.95
The Musician's Guide To Reading And Writing Music
Item Number: 1630055JE, 111 pages, $14.95
My Music Journal
Item Number: 1630005JE, 48 pages, $4.95
 On The Path To Excellence - The Northshore Concert Band
Item Number: 1630258JE, 276 pages
Regular Price: $27.95, Our Price: $13.98
You will save $13.97
On This Day In Music History
Item Number: 1630324JE, 369 pages, $21.95
Robert Rawlins & Nor Eddine Bahha - Jazzology: The Encyclopedia Of Jazz Theory
Item Number: 1630366JE, 265 pages, $21.95
Rubank Trombone Slide Position Chart And Baritone Fingering Chart
Item Number: 1230466JE, 2 pages, $1.95
Peter Sokolow - Guide To Klezmer Arranging And Orchestration
Item Number: 1637300JE, 41 pages, $21.95
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Items with this symbol are in the Top 10% Bestsellers list.
Books with this symbol include chord symbols. This would be the name of the chord such as "C" or "G7" written above the music.
Books with this symbol include song lyrics.
Items with this symbol have been chosen as a Director's Choice by our staff of instructors.
The number shown next to any book represents the difficulty of the book. The difficulty is rated on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being the most difficult.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments included.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments available.
Books with this symbol have CDs included.
Books with this symbol have CDs available.
Books with this symbol include guitar tablature. This is a special 6 line staff that gives suggested fingerings for all notes.
Books with this symbol include guitar chords. Guitar chords have a small graphic giving suggested finger placement to play the chord.
Music arranged for Small EnsembleThere are four types of band sets: Concert, Marching/Pep, Jazz, and Small Ensemble.
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