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Ballard MacDonald
Cecil Mack
David Mack
John Madara
Enric Madriguera
Herb Magidson
Per Magnusson
Frederick Charles Maker
Matt Malneck
George Malone
Henry Mancini
Johnny Mandel
Chuck Mangione
Barry Manilow
Barry Mann
Dave Mann
David Mann
Kal Mann
Tracy Mann
Dick Manning
Albert Manno
Pierre Marchand
Sol Marcus
Leon Roppolo Paul Mares
Gerald Marks
Johnny Marks
Sonny Marti
George Martin
Hugh Martin
Max Martin
Vitor Martins
Eric Maschwitz
Lowell Mason
Michael Masser 
Mike Masser
Spence Maxwell
Brian May
John May
Aimee Mayo
John Mays
Amanda McBroom
Edwin McCain
David McCalmont
Joe McCarthy
Linda McCartney
Paul McCartney
Joe McCoy
Loonis McGlohon
Paul McGrane
Dony McGuire
Jimmy McHugh
Phil McHugh
Phill McHugh
Sarah McLachlan
Don McLean
Stuart McLennan
Frank Meacham
Phil Medley
Robert Mellin
Walter Melrose
Lee Mendelson
Newton Mendonica
Roberto Menescal
Charles Menghini
Alan Menken
Johnny Mercer
Dave Merenda
Bob Merrill 
Arthur Henry Messiter
George Meyer
Joseph Meyer
Giacomo Meyerbeer
Billy Meyers
Joseph Meyers
George Michael
Alfred Hart Miles
Bernie Miller
Glenn Miller
James Miller
Roger Miller
Ronald Miller
Irving Mills
Alphonso Mizell
Jon Mohr
Thelonious Monk
James Montgomery
Dave Moody
William Moore
Vinicius de Moraes
Thomas Morely
Larry Morey
Dennis Morgan
Lee Morgan
Alanis Morissette
Thomas Morley
Giorgio Moroder
Dolly Morse
Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
Jelly Roll Morton
Bennie Moten 
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