Holiday Sheet Music For Trumpet
Christmas Music For Trumpet
J.S. Bach - Bach For Christmas
Item Number: 1630303JE, 76 pages, $14.95
 Baching Around The Christmas Tree
Item Number: 1220731JE, 24 pages, $10.95
 Big Band Play-Along, Volume 5 - Christmas Favorites - Trumpet Sheet Music
Item Number: 1220727JE, 20 pages, $14.95
The Big Book Of Christmas Songs - Trumpet
Item Number: 1220587JE, 144 pages, $14.95
   Blues Play Along, Volume 11 - Christmas Blues
Item Number: 1712012JE, 67 pages, $12.99
 The Canadian Brass Christmas Carols - Trumpet One
Multiple Items Available
  The Canadian Brass Christmas Solos
Item Number: 1220132JE, 45 pages, $16.99
 The Canadian Brass Christmas Carols - Trumpet Two
Multiple Items Available
The Canadian Brass - Trumpet Christmas Descants
Item Number: 1220239JE, 16 pages, $7.99
 Christmas Carols - Trumpet
Item Number: 1220586JE, 22 pages, $10.95
Christmas Carols For Two
Item Number: 1220039JE, 31 pages, $5.95
  Christmas Classics - B Flat Instruments
Multiple Items Available
 Christmas Classics
Item Number: 1220103JE, 16 pages, $11.95
Christmas Favorites
Item Number: 1220038JE, 55 pages, $6.95
 Christmas Favorites
Item Number: 1220388JE, 16 pages, $12.95
 Christmas Favorites
Item Number: 1220631JE, 31 pages, $12.95
 Difficulty ranges from 2to 2.5Christmas Hits
Item Number: 1220797JE, 16 pages, $12.99
Christmas Hits For Two
Item Number: 1220037JE, 31 pages, $5.95
Christmas Instruments In Praise - B Flat Instruments
Item Number: 1060223JE, 8 pages, $4.95
 Christmas Joy
Item Number: 1220202JE, 19 pages, $12.95
 Christmas Solos
Item Number: 1220251JE, 16 pages, $10.95
Item Number: 1060171JE, 95 pages, $16.95
Music arranged for Concert band Classic Christmas Carols For Band
Multiple Items Available
   Contemporary Christmas - Instrumental Solos For The Church Musician
Item Number: 1630208JE, 111 pages, $29.95
 Cool Yule
Item Number: 1220137JE, 15 pages, $10.95
 Creative Carols For Brass Quartet, Volume 1: Traditional Carols With A Popular Twist
Item Number: 1800303JE, 35 pages, $59.99
  Discover The Lead - Christmas Carols
Item Number: 1220367JE, 19 pages
Regular Price: $15.95, Our Price: $11.96
You will save 25%
 Easy Great Carols - Trumpet
Multiple Items Available
  Essential Elements Christmas Favorites, Trumpet
Multiple Items Available
 A Family Christmas Around The Fireplace
Item Number: 1220363JE, 15 pages, $10.95
  Ed Friedland - Blues Jam
Item Number: 1637242JE, 24 pages, $19.99
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 25 - Christmas Jazz
Item Number: 1630257JE, 86 pages, $16.95
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 38 - Yuletide Jazz
Item Number: 1630297JE, 67 pages, $16.95
  Jazz Play Along, Volume 111: Cool Christmas
Item Number: 1711173JE, 67 pages, $15.99
 A Jazzy Christmas
Item Number: 1220836JE, 23 pages, $10.99
Mannheim Steamroller - Solo Christmas
Item Number: 1220130JE, 92 pages, $15.95
 Merry Christmas
Item Number: 1060253JE, 19 pages, $12.95
Item Number: 1220827JE, 22 pages, $12.99
  The Real Christmas Book
Item Number: 1060905JE, 216 pages, $29.99
 Sounds Of Christmas: Solos With Ensemble Arrangements For Two Or More Players - Trumpet
Multiple Items Available
Music arranged for Concert band Difficulty ranges from 1to 2Standard Of Excellence - Sounds Of The Season: 15 Holiday Arrangements From Around The Globe
Multiple Items Available
 Difficulty ranges from 2.5to 3Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker"
Item Number: 1220724JE, 15 pages, $10.95
 Tons Of Tunes For The Holidays
Item Number: 1220443JE, 20 pages, $12.95
Tons Of Tunes For The Holidays (Trumpet - Grade 0.5 To 1) - Softcover With CD
Item Number: JBQ67018JE, 20 pages, $12.95
   Trumpets For Christmas
Item Number: 1220720JE, 30 pages, $19.95
 The Twelve Styles Of Christmas
Item Number: 1220250JE, 16 pages, $12.95
 Twenty-Five Top Christmas Songs
Item Number: 1220182JE, 31 pages, $17.95
Two For Christmas
Item Number: 1060222JE, 20 pages, $7.95
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Books with this symbol include chord symbols. This would be the name of the chord such as "C" or "G7" written above the music.
Books with this symbol include song lyrics.
Items with this symbol have been chosen as a Director's Choice by our staff of instructors.
The number shown next to any book represents the difficulty of the book. The difficulty is rated on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being the most difficult.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments included.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments available.
Books with this symbol have CDs included.
Books with this symbol have CDs available.
Books with this symbol include guitar tablature. This is a special 6 line staff that gives suggested fingerings for all notes.
Books with this symbol include guitar chords. Guitar chords have a small graphic giving suggested finger placement to play the chord.
Music arranged for Small EnsembleThere are four types of band sets: Concert, Marching/Pep, Jazz, and Small Ensemble.
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