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The Musical "Cabaret"
Irving Caesar
Charlotte Caffey
Jule Styne Cahn
Sammy Cahn
Jonathan Cain
John Caird
Bobby Caldwell
John Cale
Charles Calhoun
Bob Calilli
John Baptiste Calkin
Will Callahan
Ann Hampton Callaway
Cab Calloway
Gregory Camp
Shawn Camp
Steve Camp
Michael Campbell
Mike Campbell
Paul Campbell
Tom Campbell
Buddy Cannon
Chuck Cannon
Hughie Cannon
Beppe Cantarelli
Piae Cantiones
Eddie Cantor
Beppe Cantorelli
Jim Capaldi
Jerry Capehart
Truman Capote
Placide Cappeau
Eduardo Di Capua 
Eduardo Do Capua
Irene Cara
Guy Carawan
Michael Card
Henry Carey
Mariah Carey
John Carisi
Gary Carla
Frankie Carle
Bob Carlisle
Tyran Carlo
Joanna Carlson
Jake Carlsson
Jake Andreas Carlsson
Vanessa Carlton
Eric Carmen
Al Carmichael
Hoagy Carmichael
Ralph Carmichael
Janis Carnes
Kim Carnes
Rick Carnes
Harry Carney
Irish Carol
Ukrainian Carol
Kelly Carpenter
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Richard Carpenter
Leroy Carr
Michael Carr
Paul Carrack
Joe Carrier
Alvaro Carrillo
Bert Carroll 
Gregory Carroll
Harry Carroll
June Carroll
Jenny Lou Carson
Eddie Carswell
Blanche Carte
Benny Carter
Calvin Carter
Deana Carter
Jim Carter
June Carter
Stanley Carter
Ric Cartey
Harry Wayne Casey
Warren Casey
Johnny Cash
Eva Cassidy
Emilio Castillo
Leonello Casucci
Edward Caswell
George Cates
Felix Cavaliere
James Cavanaugh
Jessie Cavanaugh
Peter Cetera
James Chadwick
Brent Chamber
Carson Chamberlain
Brent Chambers
Will Champion
Bill Champlin
Harry Chapin 
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